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Just as August Derleth founded the prestigious Arkham House to publish the complete works of author H.P. Lovecraft, Unicursal Publishers started with its first mandate to publish the corpus of magician and occultist M-A Ricard by making his works available to the general public.

At the same time, the modest publishing house wants to assist the reader in his personal, magical and spiritual development by providing works representative of the evolving tendencies of spirituality and the occult.

Now with nearly 500 titles, publishing specially selected, rare and out of print works on magic and esotericism, by choosing authors recognized for their credibility and the value of their writings, Unicursal strives to offer quality and original works to promote excellence of the Occult.



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We distribute our books throughout the world and mainly in Quebec,
France, Switzerland and Belgium.

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You have written a book, an original work, and believe that Unicursal Publishers would be the right place to publish it? Please follow these instructions to submit your manuscript.

We are looking carefully at all serious proposals we receive. Before you send us your manuscript, determine if it can fit in our catalog. Please note that we will automatically reject, without notice, all proposals that do not meet our editorial guidelines or that do not meet the below submission criteria.

To submit your project:

Send us a digital copy (Word or PDF) of your complete manuscript, presented in double-spaced format on numbered legal letter or A4 sheets. Please choose a standard font and character size (Times New Roman, 12 points) and keep the layout simple and clear. Add a table of contents, bibliography, and your contact information to the same document. Finally, attach a presentation letter clearly explaining your project.

Then send it by email to: moc.buplasrucinu@stircsunam.

Please note that due to the quantity of submissions received, it will take about a month before your manuscript is reviewed, read and evaluated by our publishing committee. You will be notified by email of the selection or refusal of your manuscript. Be aware that we do not justify any refusal in detail.

Thank you for your interest in Unicursal.


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Unicursal Publishers

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